Everyday at Nikoo

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Early mornings at the Central park
Happy handovers at Nikoo II courtesy the friendliest neighbours.
The sweetest folks at Nikoo
The dribbling dynamos of Nikoo I.
The Nikoo neighbourhood is walking, wheeling, whizzing friendly.
Starting the day right. With cycles & chuckles.
Soaking up the poolside fun at Nikoo I.
A picture-perfect shot from a movie marathon at the Nikoo I movie pod.


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How Nikoo interiors transformed our homes.

When we were dreaming of Nikoo homes, we always imagined a better life in beautiful homes. Countless workshops, ideations and discussions led to the conceptualisation of these homes. With the team of architects and design thinkers, we began to progress with mood boards, sketches and models. We always knew that we will have to create show homes that we imagined as perfect nikoo homes. We couldn’t just…
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Moving to Bangalore: A Simple Guide

If Bangalore is already set to be your new home or you’re thinking about making the move, you’ll need to know a little bit more about this incredible city before you pack your life into boxes and make the journey. Bangalore is a much sought after home by the businessmen, families and expats alike due to its diverse culture and reputation as one of the fastest growing…
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The Crown Jewel of Nikoo Homes: The Black Swan Club

On 26 June, the gates of the much-anticipated Black Swan Club, was thrown open to Nikoo Residents. Anticipation gave way to wonder which then gave way to unbridled joy in the eyes of all. It seemed someone had stepped into everyone’s dreams and taken careful notes. Such magnificently designed spaces? – a few eyes looked about incredulously. A space for everything one wanted to do? Really? You…
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What do you look for when you look for a home?

We agree that making a perfect decision isn’t that easy as it involves huge investment, may be one’s life time savings; there are other big and little things past the investment perspective which could bring true happiness. Beyond the number of rooms, sprawling spaces and fab interiors, these things end up making the biggest impact on your day-to-day living experience in the house. Say for instance, how…
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