The Crown Jewel of Nikoo Homes: The Black Swan Club

On 26 June, the gates of the much-anticipated Black Swan Club, was thrown open to Nikoo Residents.

Anticipation gave way to wonder which then gave way to unbridled joy in the eyes of all. It seemed someone had stepped into everyone’s dreams and taken careful notes. Such magnificently designed spaces? – a few eyes looked about incredulously. A space for everything one wanted to do? Really? You can shop here and dine here, eat here and drink here, swim here and work here. You can come here to relax or to work. Play and socialize. Learn and teach, paint and sing, dance and gather, make friends and bake cakes. Wow! The fact that this is a life changer, the fact that evenings, mornings and afternoons will change forever, was evident to all. But the best part? This one-of-a-kind Club that no one had ever seen anything like, was Home. With a capital H. Can anything be sweeter than that?

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