Welcome to Bhartiya City.

Cities are built on concrete foundations. The foundation of Bhartiya City is something more enduring – community.

Built with the scope of a city but the soul and warmth of a village, this is a place where children walk to school unaided and people cycle to work. You’ll find parks in the sky, lawns on the ground, and shopping districts impressive enough to make the rich and famous swoon. Take all of it in, with ice creams from Old Victoria, the city ice cream truck.

Our team of master planners and architects have planned every inch of this city with precision. Enjoy world-class amenities that are innovative and considered. Made up of the best, the brightest, the mature, the young, the ambitious, the learners, the explorers, the workers – in Bhartiya, everyone is unique, but there’s a tie that binds us. This is a place where quality of life is a shared dream. This is a way of life. This is the city of joy.

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